Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top Ten Things I Noticed About Argentina

When I moved to Buenos Aires for a couple of months last fall, I promised my family stories of Argentina. I wrote tons of stories with the intention of publishing them on my blog but never got around to it. Well, I guess better later than never would apply here. I am going to try and publish some of these stories along with some of the stories of Austin. And I’ve also thought of ways to combine the two.

But this blog is going to be short and be about the top things I noticed about Argentina:

1. Food is cheap but clothes are not. You can get a great bottle of red wine for $5.
2. People at stores don’t like to give change. They want you to give them exact change even if they have a bucket in front of them filled with enough change to do the backstroke in.
3. There are people who walk around with carts and bags filled with plastic bottles. I don’t know if they work for a recycling program or if they just like plastic bottles. I’m not judging. I’m just saying that it’s interesting.
4. Argentines are proud people and truly believe that they live in the most amazing country in the world and that they are the most beautiful people in the world. Once I went to the bathroom in a bar and I couldn’t get to the sink to wash my hands because there were twenty-five guys fixing their hair. I guess if I had hair, I’d do the same. A lot of the guys have faux hawks or tails
5. Patagonia takes your breath away. Mostly because it’s cold and not too far from the South Pole. But it is simply beautiful and makes you look at life in a different way.
6. They speak Spanish in Argentina.
7. There is a large river in Buenos Aires that looks like an ocean. It has waves and you can’t see the other side. Yet, they call it a river. It takes you to Uruguay.
8. The empanadas are amazing. They are even better if you eat them while watching a couple dance the tango.
9. A seven o’clock appointment means anytime after eleven. Even the next day is fair game.
10. I loved every minute of it.

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