Monday, October 29, 2007

january 1, 2000

I find it a little ironic that now that I have almost 12 readers, I haven't been inspired to write anything. But I know I can't let you down. So, I decided to pull out an old journal. It's from January 1st, 2000. I was living in Chicago and I quit my job and was wondering if I was insane for doing it. The entry is below:

January 1, 2000

Oh geez. I quit my job. I can’t believe I quit my job. I’m in a café called the Kopi Café right now. I have a horrible headache. Last night was New Year’s Eve. We were so freaked out that the world was going to end when it hit midnight. So we all got really drunk just in case. I think that’s why my head hurts. I can’t believe I quit my job. I’m writing this in a notebook with a picture of Bambi on the cover. All the other journals were like $20 and I didn’t think I needed to spend that kind of money considering I don’t have a job. When I bought the journal, the cashier gave me this pitiful look like he thought I was freak-show or something. I don’t care. It was $3. So I think I’m moving to New York. I can either do that or go back to work and tell my boss that I changed my mind and then I can beg for my job back. Oh geez, this girl I can’t stand just walked in the cafe. She works for this advertising agency we do business with. I’m going to put my head down and pretend like I don’t see her. I know she’s going to ask what’s going on and I’m going to have to either lie to her or tell her the truth. I think I’m still too freaked right now to talk about it. Anyway, I quit my job because I hate it. I just hate it. It can be kind of cool sometimes but the thought of doing this in 5 years makes me sick. Oh good, that girl left without seeing me. I’m sure I’ll be able to find a job in New York that pays a lot more than this one. I might have made a mistake. Everybody keeps telling me how expensive it is in New York and how hard it is to find an apartment. I just know I’m going to have to live in an apartment without a dishwasher. I promised myself I would never do that again. What the hell was I thinking? I can’t go back to that uniform company. Everybody is going to know about it and they’re going to think I’m so dramatic. But I love Chicago so much. I don’t want to leave it. But I know I’m going to hate it if I go back to that place. I have to go now. I think I’m going to throw up.


wwhite123 said...

Jeez... look where you are now. I bet you're glad you quit now.

Unknown said...

I'll be escorting you over to your speaking engagement this weekend at the Texas Book Festival, and I'm thrilled to get the chance to meet you. Anyone who cares for chickens is good in my book.

Also, I'll be bringing along a couple of my students to get to meet you. It's sure to be a fun time for all.

You totally did the right thing. Feeling alive is much more important than anything else.

See you this weekend!
Kelli Halliburton

The Davis Girl said...
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The Davis Girl said...

Hey, now. I counted 13 comments on your site. Lord knows how many blog comments have been made by additional readers. If my calculations are correct, you have AT LEAST 47 readers. Well, 48 if you count my friend whom I'm lending my copy to...and that's not even counting readers who haven't come forward. Don't deny it. TCD rocks. Own it, Jacques.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you made the jump! There are too many people in jobs they dislike.

Heard you at the Texas Book Festival today and you and the other panelists were so funny! Inspirational too. Thanks for encouraging the writers out there who sometimes feel a little crazy for persisting in the idea of writing a novel. I don't think many people understand the need to write and create stories, but when I hear other authors talk, I know I'm not alone. Keep on following the untried and exciting path ... beats the uniform company any day, I'm sure.